No Pictures, Please

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One of the things I’ve been doing this week to keep my brain engaged and prevent it going all the way to Funk-e-Town is to remember to update my Instagram accounts. Which means a lot of shitty photos of me trying to juggle phone and balance it against hands or whatever, ha ha. You can consider this an outtake of me snapping for my nails Insta, as I painted my nails when I was over at Mum’s house.

And yes, even though we’re on ‘vacation’, I went over there. And I immediately fessed up that I thought about giving it a miss. She wasn’t really expecting me, and as said — funk. It was good though! We had a chat that went into overtime, a couple of laughs, and well. I just enjoy her company, and pointed out it was one of the bright points of my week. And that perhaps, we should have started doing this before Z’s dad passed last year, but ah well. We’re doing it now, and it’s good for both of us on many levels.

Anyhoos! Weekend is plan-tastic in a laid back way. Smaller’s bestie and her parents are going to come hang out for the day. Sunday is our normal having Mum around for dinner. Otherwise… pfft. Staying still.


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