The Usual Suspect

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I’m not quite sure how I’ve managed to coax Batman into sitting on the back of the couch again, but eeey, here he is in his magnificence. Really, he’s just happy that I’ve kept the couch more or less clear, and that he can claim it as his downstairs dominion.

Day one of our ‘hols’ has been alright! I had to do the boring adult thing of trying to get some laundry processed, but otherwise, just been chilling. We even ordered a takeaway, even if we’re not properly ‘away’ at the moment. I had disappointing pasta. *laughs* Which was fine, because now I know not to order that from that place again. It hit two of my hell naws — the pasta was overcooked, and the base tomato sauce came from a tin (I can taste it and I don’t like it).

What else… about back to where I was on my sock before I ripped it out. It’s taken a couple of days of casual knitting, but that’s fine. Happier this way. Need to get it on my foot to verify that it’s not too snug, though if it is, it’ll be by a small measure. And a snug sock isn’t really a bad thing/it can be blocked longer/etc.


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