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We’re currently watching through Coupling for the nth time, so the fact I’m working on a gusset while watching the show… *mwah!*

Today has been warmer again, which, rude. I know I know, August. Still. The rain is supposed to come back, so hopefully that’ll make it a smidge more pleasant. But eh, I’m pretty upfront on the fact that summer is my least favourite season by a landslide. My depression tends to jab me more when it’s like… long days and too much sun. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty alright right now, but still. I know what works for me, and brightness and warmth do not.

It’s been an alright day on the whole, though. Painted my nails for the first time in ever. Got a compliment on my sock from the pattern author. Some degree of work achieved, but slowed down because the school *finally* sent the link to Small’s class’ leaver’s play, so we spent the 45 minutes watching it en masse. Smaller’s review was that it was ‘too long’, which amused me. I commented that with being able to piece it together bit by bit rather than an actual live show, it gave the teachers room to cram in another 50 songs. They had fun though and it made us smile, so win win all around.

Right, time to nudge Smaller upstairs.


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