Higher Love

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Batman was hovering and being whiny, so I picked him up to annoy him. Then I got my phone out to annoy him more, and actually managed to take a picture where he looks like he’s super happy. Naw folx, he was just… Mom, stop, pleaase. *laughs*

Main thing today is that my new desktop came in. I pulled names from Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series, which is what I decided was best when thinking through her collective works. I initially was thinking stuff from October Daye, but I couldn’t settle on things. So. It’s fast and it’s pretty, though I’m bogging it down and hogging the internet installing ALL THE GAMES! on it. Z and I were talking about how it used to be a lot longer prospect, ’cause you’d have to go find 3 or 4 media players, and 200 ways to unzip files, etc. Now it’s all pretty inclusive of the basics of what we need. Plus, we’re not doing some of the stuff we used to, like DJing and sound file editing.

Anyhoos, off to zone out and continue installing all the things.


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