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After I got back home from hanging out with Mum yesterday, I was confused as to why I was feeling so exhausted. I mean, my normal state is pretty devoid of energy, but this was just shy of being physically painful. And then I realised… yesterday afternoon was the first time I’d relaxed all week really. I’d been work-working, and spending most of my free time crafting things for my Etsy shop. As a bonus, my hands were confused AF because they weren’t doing things (outside of game pokery, which wasn’t hand distraction enough at that moment).

After sleeping in this morning, my hands are feeling less twitchy, though the rest of me is still knackered. I have zero concept of time today, other than suddenly it’s evening somehow. But that’s fine, that’s fine. It means I’m doing a good job of spacing out and resting myself. And I’ve even done a bit on my sock, so that’s been good too.

Right! Back to spacing out. Have a good evening, y’all.


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