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Babble, yanno… ’cause it’s a phone post, har har. I slay me.

I was feeling my age on my little postbox run though, lemme tell you. I managed to pull my left underboob muscle (actual scientific name, honest!) yesterday somehow, so I had to chuck pain meds at it enough to walk without pulling it. My only guess is that I did something to it when I was processing Mt McLargeLaundry, but anyways. Hopefully it’ll feel better in a few days, and in the interim… pain meds exist. 🙂

Pain aside, it’s been an alright day. Z and I put our heads together on a few work things to try and make sure that everything is a bit more codified going forward. I’m starting to pick up a bit of speed in putting data into our new system, so that’s pleasing. Everyone is happy with the new system so far, and Z keeps finding new ways to do things. As he said to me earlier — he’s taken point on trying to learn everything and then explain it to the rest of us, and I know that we all appreciate it.

*yawns* Right, back to the knitting and the gaming and wossit.


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