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So yeah, finished the first sock this morning. I pretty much immediately started on the second, and make quite a bit of progress earlier. Mum was impressed; she’s not taken a shine to doing socks before, but she has expressed a lot more curiosity about all of it lately. I don’t think that I’ll be roping her into the fun of it (because it is totally fun for me), but I’m glad that I can share my enthusiasm in a general sense.

Past that, it’s been a cheerfully hectic day. Z was helping me learn some stuff about our new management system. It’s spots like this where our communication styles and thinking patterns rub a bit raw, but we managed to get through it without murdering each other or too much shouting. We’re both excited to be tackling the project of getting all our stuff transferred to the new system sooner rather than later, and time quickly evaporated between the start of the working day, and the aforementioned going around to hang out with Mum. I’m not quite excited enough to say… work on my weekend, but I’m looking forward to poking at it next week and seeing what damage I can do on the various backlogs and things.

*yawns* Right, back to other things.


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