Move Forward

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Tomorrow is gonna be a busybee day — which meant I took some time today to have a nice long bath, paint my nails, etc. Much easier to face the outside world with clean hair and flashy nails, yanno?

But yes! We have our second COVID vaccine dose. We have local elections. We have a parent teacher conference call (had the first one today, Smaller continues to rock at life). We’ve got groceries coming in, just… it might not be a lot for some people, but it’s a lot for our personal books. I’ve had to bump my weekly ‘appointment’ with Mum until Friday; we’re gonna go shopping — online. I’m super chuffed that she is developing comfort with online shopping. She’s still not really in a place where she is ready to do it on her own, but baby steps. Z and I don’t mind sitting with her and helping out.

*claps hands and yawns* Right, back to vaguely yarning and mainly gaming.


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