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The scarf! She is DONE! Today was primarily dedicated to tassels, ’cause… ugh. I did tassels, and then like… there weren’t enough tassels, so I had to double up on what I had in place. I learned a few things, left them a bit wild… overall happy with the result. I’ve let it be known in a few places that I am tentatively holding open a commission slot if anyone wants one, as well as my super generous price. It’s still totally expensive, but considering how many hours went into it… as said, generous. 🙂

I also had a weird giddy experience earlier. The COVID tester came by, and Z and I were doing the finger prick test this time in addition to swabbing. I managed it handily without going wibbly, which surprised the ever living eff out of me. Z had to abort and has been a bit off all day because of it, but as it stands he’s amenable to try again next time. We don’t get anything extra for bleeding, but that’s fine. We’re happy to contribute to Science™®.

Woo, right. Gonna go take my meds, maybe pick up my sock (le gasp!)… definitely zone out and come down from completion high.


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