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Batman decided that I didn’t need to get out of bed this morning, and sat on me. Which I don’t mind, ’cause furbaby affection! And I woke up dumb early for some reason, so being kept in bed was appreciated. *laughs*

I’m kicking today in the butt, knitting wise. I’ve already done 40 rows today! That was my slight stretch goal — can I make it to 50? I’m not going to cry if I don’t, ’cause I would like to get some more game time in. I played a few bounties with Z earlier, but haven’t done the grinding that I ‘need’ to do to find a bit of loot I misplaced yesterday or the day before (and by ‘misplaced’, I mean ‘destroyed because I forgot I needed it’). I’ve only got two tasks remaining to clear the entire season on the EU server side, so.

Back to it all.


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