Sunday Done Right

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Z made us a lovely roast dinner this evening. There were all the appropriate bits — roasted meat, potatoes, parsnips, and carrots. Bliss. He’d had a pack of honey glaze left over from another roast, so the parsnips and carrots were decked to the nines. Bonus: he made such an epic portion of taters that I get some for lunch tomorrow… bliss.

Been keeping pretty busy for the most part today. I got a wild hair up my backside to make jump rings from scratch, and then using them to make a few sets of stitch markers. I’ve got a bag of more than 30 12mm by 1mm rings, so if I get any takers for the new listings when they go up, I’ve already got some blanks ready to use.

For now, just waiting for Royal Mail to be back up so I can print the postage for an order that came in this evening… though I guess I’ll fill the intervening time with trying to think up clever names for stuff it my to photograph pot, and like, fill my old lady pill organiser, ’cause that needs doing.

Later gaters!


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