Not Ready

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Poison was rolling around on her back last night, showing us her most excellent belly. I can’t facedive it like I used to, because she’s much faster than she looks these days, but at least I was able to get photographic evidence of just how good it is. It’s vast and soft, and she is pretty down with bellypats. Both of ours are in their own ways; Z didn’t know that most cats reputedly don’t like them ’cause ours are so amenable.

Past that, not up to much today. I’m playing a bit of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, ’cause I was reminded by the Playstation Access team that I hadn’t circled back in ages. I got some listings up in my Etsy shop and ogled things on Amazon for craft purposes… but yeah. Mainly just being a lump. Not complaining — lumping is good self-care.


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