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My kittencorn randomly fell off its shelf, which I took to be a ‘pet me now!’ sort of move. I know, it’s not real, it’s a toy, but what’s life without a bit of whimsy?

And really, it plays into the fact I have been in a ridiculously good mood. By most metrics, I shouldn’t be. I forgot to take my meds last night and had a night of ultra-broken sleep… frequently punctuated by kicks from a flailing Smaller. She’d come through not too long after I’d gone up, and she wasn’t awake enough to get a complaint out of. So I petted her back until she quieted enough to still. She almost always seems to end up horizontal between myself and Z, me on the feet end. It bothers me significantly less than you might think though — it is what it is. And we know now that she was a bit stuffed up, so she’ll get dosed with the Olbas before we tuck her in. 🙂

Then, THEN. Migraine out of nowhere. I’ve not had what I’d class as a migraine in years (probably in part due to Depakote having a side effect of punching them), but my vision started fuzzing up and I had to throw meds at it to be on the safe side. I think that it was the right call, though I was grumpy about having to take a dose of co-codamol two days running. But eh, it is what it is.

Anyways, night meds in my face, gonna go poke at yarn and/or beads. I’ve done some concept designs for future Etsy listings that I am pleased with, but want to make sure I’ve got right first.


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