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I got an urge to make a few bits for my shop today. Or well, make bits, and then eventually get them into my shop. I restocked the rainbow bracelets that people love so much, and made a couple pairs of earrings that I’ve been meaning to science out for a few months now. My ‘test audience’ (aka, showing it to some friends on Discord) responded positively, which is about what I expected. The earrings are simple, but really cool. I need to think up a name for them and what to charge, but I gently remind myself that even if it was ‘easy’ to do, we’re still talking working with very small fiddly things.

I feel like I should be making more things, but I don’t know what yet. I keep finding myself adding things to online baskets to replenish some stock areas. For example, I bought some lobster clasps on a whim and I really like them and want a butt-ton more. So there’s a basket of that on Ebay. A local shop/site (like, few villages over) has some jump rings in bigger sizes, closed, which is pleasing ’cause then I can wire wrap bead danglies to.

Anyways, gonna go think in pretty things, maybe paw at yarn while I stare at things. 😀


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