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This is my patient-with-cat face. He’s standing next to me whining again, because that’s what my clingy furboy does. He ran off for a second, and is now standing next to me staring. What do you want child, what do you want. *chuckles* I wouldn’t have it any other way though. He’s a good boy, and I know there’s gonna be a huge furry hole in my heart when he’s gone.  Thankfully both our furbabies are in decent health, so hopefully they have many years left to them.

But eh, putting the morbs aside. The weather has been nice and cool. I’ve been poking at surveys and games, and I ended up repainting my nails. I really liked the colour that I had on, but I ended up opting to change ’cause the number of coats of polish on meant I could peel it off of most of my nails in one go. I’ve got a completely different polish on now, which I need to try to remember to take some photos of tonight before I manage to biff it up too badly.

I’ve also poked at a couple surveys today… not that that’s news. What IS news is that I have about enough for the phone range I’m looking for, being the Motorola G8s. Or maybe something else.  Z knows roughly what I have, but I haven’t talked to him about seeing about topping that up or going halvies out of the household pot, since we have that bit extra due to no vacation this year. But I don’t want to be a greedy cow either. I have a nice camera. My phone still does what I need it to do and isn’t completely at a crawl. 

Right, got a kiddo to chase off to bed. Have a good evening, y’all.


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