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So. I like pens. I am picky about pens. I am picky about pens to the degree that disposables of certain colours have to be certain makes from certain brands to be the right colour. This here, my delivery of vigintituplets? 20 pens in my Etsy store-related colour for less than £4, delivered the next day… yaaassssss. Z is very surprised that I’ve not busted one out and tested it… but I’ll get there soon enough. 🙂

The weather has been lovely and breezy today. It’s definitely rained overnight, and maybe a tiny bit today as well. I’ve not really seen/heard anything, but I’m still hoping for a wee rumble of thunder or 30. Fingers crossed, eh? Z is only a tiny bit sad about it ’cause his ordered projector and screen came in, and we can’t really test it outside at this time. He did test it against various coloured walls around the house to great success, so I can only imagine his dreams of neighbourhood-wide Drawful out front might well come true.

Past that, just been poking at games, and I painted my nails. They’ve had some growth this week that seems to be of actual decent strength, so I slapped one of the thermals on that I hadn’t used before. It probably needs another coat of paint on it, but really… close enough. I got a semi-decent picture to slap on Instagram Monday morning, so. Party? Party.

Right, back to gaming, and maaaybe even picking up my knitting, ha ha.


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