Running Red

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When I look at my hair normally, the main thing I can see is the red that has been ‘my’ colour for years. Aaand then I take a picture and see just how long it’s been since I last coloured my hair, ha ha. I’m still pretty intent on letting it grow out as long as possible before I feel a need to bring my red back, ’cause I like watching the silver come in. But yeah, it’s still weird at the same time to realise how much of my hair isn’t red anymore. :s

Past that, today has been weird in that I’ve been warm enough to opt for shorts… I never wear shorts. I’d bought these specifically to wear to bed, but like… yeah. Brave new world, innit. I am still not that inclined to wear shorts out of the house even if my legs don’t rash up from epilating like they did from shaving. Mainly, I just feel better and comfier if my legs are covered is all.


For now, the temp feels a smidge cooler, and the sky looks like maybe rain, maybe not. Z proactively cut the front lawn earlier while he was doing battery science. At Mum’s nudging, he bought a car battery charger, and yeeeep did our car battery need charging. So that’s cool, and we’ll have to go do the same again to Z’s dad’s car in the next couple of days. For the moment at least, it means that we have the ability to run errands for Z’s parents if it comes to it.

Right, going all rambly. I’ma scoot now.


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