Feelin’ Good

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Today, I’ve gotta say, has been pretty aight. Work was a victory lap. The weather is nice. My nails are pretty. I’m in Pastamode today, which is one of my favourite eatery modes. *laughs* But the main bonus of good-feeling is being able to pass some yarn on to someone who needs.

You see, someone finally set up a village group that wasn’t under the thumbs of  a couple with Saviour Complex. I figured that’s why the newer group was set up, but enough boilover happened in the past 24 hours to confirm that. The group I’m in is quite nice, with people being free to have thoughts, and there’s a lot of giving and generosity too. It feels nice to be able to join on that train. The person looking for wool offered to pay, but pfft. I’m glad to pass it on, and doubly so for the fact it’s for charity knits.

Anyways. It’s the weekend now, so yay for that. No plans, but that’s perfect too.

*wanders off for dinner*


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