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I have a stupid crunchy headache today. There’s no cough or fever or anything like that, so l chucked some ibuprofen at it. I think I’m going to have to chase it with co-codamol, because it refuses to shift.

Past that, just idly half-assed doing things, and waiting to see if someone who contacted me on a site I’m selling stuff on is gonna complete the transaction they’re proffering. I’m definitely not up to having someone show up on my doorstep in the dark. But really, it’ll be nice if this person actually shows up and takes this stuff off of me, even if I’m agreeing to a lower price than what I advertised (which was already a super-fair price, but better to actually get it out of my house at any price). Honestly, I am proud of myself for doing this. It’s… hard to put into words, but I guess it’s me being proactive? Proactive takes spoons, but I’m finding it takes fewer than I thought it would in some cases.

Right, gonna go do the things. Things!


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