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While it can be said of any day of the week or year, I am feeling full of love for my kiddos. Smaller trusted me to do something impromptu and cute with her hair, the results of which she was thrilled by.

Smalls, on the other hand, had a friend scheduled to come over. This turned into two friends, because heyyyy, they all have phones now, so they called up another person and invited them around. Which was fine, once she got it through her head she still has to get the nod from us. I love seeing her with her people doing their thing, and it makes my heart feel full in a good way.

As for me, today has been crafting and gaming. I did manage to finish the hat last night, and have a few inches done on the last one from that stash of wool. I’ve also got a set of stitch markers curing, as I had two sets sell this morning (which ended up with a massive drama of running back and forth across the village, but all was well that ended well).

Anyways, dinnertime. I’m off.


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