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The needle sizes I’m using to do Smaller’s jumper are different from Small’s jumper… which means I cannot for the life of me find a 9″ circular in the size I require (5.5mm). Of course, the second I say that, I manage to find a listing… lulzirony, you’re my favourite sort of irony. I’ll probably grab one asap, if only for the fact that I’m loathing doing it as magic loop, and I’m not quite getting my head around doing it with two circulars. *orders for tomorrow and sighs with relief* Thank you once again, complaining to the internet, for your magical powers of finding things.

Mainly though, today has been hunkering down and trying to keep my stomach in check. Apparently I’ve slammed into some nausea, probably a bit of whatever Z and Littler have been dealing with. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow.

Right, gonna… something something.


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