Easily Distracted

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I find myself today making ALL THE STITCH MARKERS with no particular rhyme or reason. I’m basically using up some older beads and jump rings, and then sorting them into pots for what needle size is the best match. I’m going to offer them as mixed lots at a lower price, which will hopefully attract some attention. And it scratches my itch to do the thing, so. *grins*

Work was work, and now it’s sportstiemz. Z’s dad is over to watch the footie with us, which is interesting so far… if not in the ways dad would hope for. Hopefully his team’ll win, else he’ll not come over to watch with us any more. He’s commented more than once that his team seems to do poorly when he comes around ours. That’s usually because he comes when his team is against our team, but anyways.

*wanders off*


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