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I am starting to get cross with Amazon. I ordered the new lip ring thinking it was going to be yesterday; yesterday it said it would be today. Okay fine, I can handle that. Now it’s saying that it could be Thursday or Friday… I’m less okay with that. I’m tempted to order from a different seller just to have a piece in my lip that isn’t missing a bit, but annoyed that I even have to consider it. Blergh. I might have to ask Z if he can help me re-ball this one or something, if only so I can wear it in public without overthinking it/having it fall out/some other drama.

Past that, it’s been generic Wednesday. I did the work thing, I had a good soak, and had the usual side of game. Today’s plays are Civilization II: Test of Time (fantasy mapset), and Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. I play the former all the time, while this is my first go at the latter. As it had been touted, it continues to improve on the preceding games in the City Building series.

Right, gonna go back to watching that slowly tick along, and knit.


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