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I made a start today on reorganising my space. The big bads that needed the most reorganising have been pulled out and tidied, and that gave me room to get a footstool alongside my drawers to put things on top of. I will have to rethink the stuff under the curtain rail if/when I do another live event, but for now… it’s up, it’s out of the way, and I have made better use of the space where they were. Plus, I added my new acquisitions to the menagerie, which is very soothing.

Less soothing, but super amusing is my game of the evening — Bus Simulator 2018 Gold. We were watching the Playstation Access live stream yesterday, and it was *hilarious*. I am absolutely terrible at all and any driving sims; the one time I played Euro Truck Simulator 2, I managed to flip my truck trying to get on the motorway while leaving Cambridge. I managed to unflip it somehow, but your guess is as good as mine. I’m finding driving a bus around a bit easier, though I’m only in profit ’cause of the other drivers in my company. I mean, REALLY. I’m the bus, gtfo out of the waaay. xD

I should also, as I keep reminding myself, buckle down on this blanket. Z has had other people living in our street stop him to ask if he knew anything. Which, fair enough, we share an adjoining wall with the neighbours in question. But it cracked me up when he told me this, since I expected the nosy parties to be his mother, and E.

Anyways. Onward!


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