The Impropriety

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Evening time and some degree of overnight, Poison has declared that my chair is hers. She’ll come yelling at me if she thinks I should already be in bed (even if it’s like, an hour early), and this morning I was promptly down… which means I got yelled at for wanting her to move. She deeefinitely wasn’t happy that I moved her, but never mind. *chuckles*

Today has been pretty good, all told. The fridge repairman got in and did his thing, and we should be good to start cramming things back into it tomorrow after it’s had a chance to sit there and get used to being a fridge again. He also regassed it, so I think that’s why he suggested leaving it. My brain kind of crapped out on word processing, so. *laughs*

The printer is also working now too. We tried a different brand of ink, and it was quite happy to accept it. Whew? Whew. We’d buy genuine if it didn’t cost £90+ for a set of cartridges, but as that’s almost the cost of the printer again… yeah, naw. I’m glad this happened when I didn’t super need it.

Beyond that, work was good, and now I am going to say bye to y’all and get back to gaming. I’m still poking along in Diablo 3, and I’m flexing my creative muscles in Minecraft. I’m being creative in not-creative mode. I don’t like Creative mode; it’s too boring. Even if I’m using cheat mode to give myself building materials for my burgeoning village, I guess I need the threat of getting blown up while I’m doing it for it to be interesting.


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