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Like many dealing with chronic illness, I’ve been curious about trying CBD oil for ages. The problem is that anywhere I found it online? The entry price was just… I couldn’t justify it. So when I spotted it in Holland & Barrett at the weekend at a really good price, I’d made comment to Z about it. I didn’t think about it after that, until he surprised me earlier with a bottle.

Suffices to say, I dosed myself immediately. *chuckles*

And what have I noticed at first go? I feel obnoxiously chipper. My pain levels feel reduced. I should have probably done what it said and started off with like, -a- drop or two instead of closer to the max of five drops in one go, but ah well.

Beyond that, it was the first day of term for the girls. Which meant my first day in weeks of having the house to myself all day. I did nothing, and it was glorious. I’ll be back to work tomorrow, but that’s fine too. Hopefully it’ll come with a degree of focus. For now though? Diabloooo.


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