A Little for Me

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It seems that on my brain’s holiday to-do list is to make sure I have plenty of stitch markers. I even ordered a pretty tin to put them in, because yanno, I apparently had a need. The ones pictured here are small, as in, will do 4mm needles and under. Which if I’m honest, covers most of my knitting needs, but I like to make sure that I can cover any size I could desire.

I ended up working today, and doing what I thought was pretty good work indeed. Tomorrow is the last day before we’re off, so hopefully I can build upon that so that things aren’t too far behind for everyone else. Well. If anyone needs to spot update a thing, they are able to spot update a thing, so. I just take pride in trying to stay on top of things.

Right, I’m gonna go… something something. *chuckles*


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