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I was talking to Z this morning, trying to brainstorm ideas for how to improve my lightbox. Namely, a way to support the cloth I’m using as backing at the top of the box. He suggested using a kitchen skewer supported on a tower of Duplo, which seemed like a reasonable idea (seeing how I don’t want to break the box by putting too much weight directly on it). It seems to work fine for the moment balancing on the box , especially since when I’m not using the box, I have it laying on its back. It took me ages to get the cloth to the right folding ratio/balance, so doing everything to avoid moving it, ha ha.

Past that, just poking at Diablo 3 still. I’m determined to make it further into the seasonal challenges than ever before, and I’m having a pretty good time of it as a Crusader. I’m sitting on Torment X and very much a glass cannon, but I’m trying to shore it up as and when I may. I could go look up guides, but like… I don’t want to? I’m still very much a Spade, and while I might look up specific things as and when, I prefer to figure it out as I go along.

Anyways. Dord.


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