Sure, Sure

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We had a bag of FREE WOOL to pick through at knitting last night. I like when this happens, because free wool aside, one can often tell what sort of knitter the person clearing out their stash is. I had no idea in this case. There was a bunch of odds and sods and like, almost nothing that actually still had a label on. I ended up with two bags of random bits that I plan on using for scrap blankets, which is better than the threat of getting stuck hauling it all away. *laughs*

Work was work, and then it wasn’t. I got stuff done, which is excellent. The main thing of the day that is pleasing is managing to get a video chat in with my sister B. It ended up being the better part of two hours, and it flew by. I love the relationship that we have these days, and it was great catching up. I can’t think of anything substantive to add to that, ha ha. Conversations happened, information was exchanged, and it was satisfactory and worthy of repeat. Time zones make things difficult, but that’s okay too. We don’t have to talk every day or anything.

I am gonna go zone out now. I is tired, yes yes.


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