Annoyingly Ouch

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I completely forgot to take my meds last night, so I woke up with a super-wrecked headache. I also, somehow, woke up feeling… not quite rested, but perky. I woke up really hard at weekday wake-up time, but I stayed in bed playing Happy Glass on my phone, and snuggling up to Z. I’ve pretty much done nothing besides acquiring and consuming caffeine and pain meds, something that I need to repeat shortly. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow after less scattered sleep.

But ey, at least I’m about to tuck into a handmade burger. Z picked up a burger press semi-recently, and has been making use of it to occasionally spoil us with some goodness. He does it like most of his cooking — by intuition and experimentation, and the results speak for themselves.

Right, I’m off.


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