Hard at Work

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I have been putting my hands to crafting today. The missing order finally showed up, so I was able to make a few of the rainbow bracelets for my shop. One sold pretty quickly as I sort of expected, but it still makes me grin. Everything else today has been dedicated towards getting more things into the crochet marker quarter of the store. I might try to do another set tonight, but I probably will default to gaming and knitting. I’m on the last cake as of last night, so I am motivated to get-r-done and to get some blankets made.

What else, what else… it’s officially half-term, and both of the girls very obviously need the rest. Z and his parents have also stepped up the game to make sure that Smalls gets a sleepover on her own, and that his parents are finally going to try to take both of them another night over the break. That means Z and I might get to, le gasp, go out for a meal. We’ll see. There is also every chance we’ll just collapse in a heap and stay home, which is also a viable and excellent option. Of course, I’m saying that with a belly full of takeaway curry and not being the one that has to make meals happen, so. >__>

*yawns* Right, knitting.


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