Camera Hogs

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I was trying to take a selfie to use for tonight here, when my favourite little camera hog wandered over. We took a couple of amusing photos, but I liked this one the best for no particular reason.

Jeze is on her way back home now, le boo. It was fantastic having her to visit, and we are thrilled there is a chance we’ll see her again in a few weeks. There was a lot of sitting around and doing nothing, which is just the best. The childlings were a bit demanding on her time and on my headache, which wasn’t that great, but. I get it that they were excited and happy to see her.

Speaking of headaches… the fuck body, the fuck. What’s also weird is that co-codamol doesn’t seem to touch them right now, but ibuprofen sort of does? I mean, I’ll take what it takes to take the edge off when it’s so bad that ambient noise causes my anxiety to spike painfully, but like… *waves hands tiredly* I am very much looking forward to Tuesday and having the house to myself again. I’m even planning on working tomorrow (tentatively), because then I won’t feel so bad about taking Tuesday off to completely zone out. We’ll see how things go between now and then.

*stifles a yawn* Right, gonna go stare at beads and do some more knitting.


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