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Yup, you probably guessed it — Littler ended up staying home today. She took it easy, and made sure to get lots and lots of cuddles. She even talked me into reading a book to her. I tend to avoid reading children’s books out loud because they dry my throat out, but this was rhyming enough that it didn’t do me any harm. Plus, I guess I did want to try to go a bit above and beyond to enjoy a day with my former executive toddler. I am confident that she is going to be raring to get back to her friends tomorrow, so yanno, enjoying it while I could, etc.

I was also fortunate that I didn’t have a lot of work-work to do today. I’m in the lull between the end of the month and when I can get started on doing year end processes Having said that, I forgot to check my work email after a point, so it could have come in and I won’t see it until tomorrow. It’s fine though, really. It’s nothing worth beating myself up over, especially with Littler being needier and clingier than her norm.  It’s hard to hold that against her, since some of that came with orders to play video games for her amusement, ha ha.

I guess that’s about it, since I keep wandering off mentally. Dord!


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