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I was very happy last night, as I met my desired knitting goal — I finished the half of the front I was working on. I also sat down and got the second half mathed out, so I’ve managed a few rows of that today. I don’t know what my knitting end goal for today is at this point, but I like to think that I will be doing the sleeves when I’m out Wednesday. 🙂

Really though, I’m impressed that I got anything done ’cause I cacked up yesterday. For one, the whole tidying of things meant that my body was aching all over. I did take it easy doing it, but I still managed to overdo it; I cannot ever win when it comes to chronic fatigue. And then I forgot to take my meds before bed last night, so I got to sleep later than I meant to because I had to give them (and the emergency melatonin) a chance to kick in. That could have been a lot worse, but it’s always an unpleasant knock-on whatever the case. I’ve taken my meds a bit early so I don’t forget, so fingers crossed it’ll be a full night.

I guess that covers the ‘important’ things. I can add that I’m sniggering a bit more than is probably warranted at the news that KFC has run out of chicken. I’m significantly less amused at the cheek of Despicable May acting like she gives a damn about college students getting value for money. She must think that the entire nation has developed severe amnesia in the past decade, since yanno, it was her party, of which she was a member of the Cabinet for. I know that our issues, and the incompetence of our government pales in the face of what people in the US are dealing with right, but still. Still. I will say on the US though — those kids in Florida are fierce. I’m pissed that they have to fight to get such a common sense stance on gun control and child safety taken seriously, but I’m proud of them for having the balls to do it. May their passion never be ground down, because light knows we need more of it in the world.

Right, dord.


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