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One thing that I tend to do without thinking about it is use my desktop tower as a footrest. I’ve done it as long as I can remember, and it doesn’t do it any harm. AND — it leads to that hilarious moment when it’s not there where I try to put my feet up and nothing is there. But most of the time, they go up, and I don’t notice unless say, I’m flailing around trying to think of what to take a picture of for the day. <__<

Z has been doing some prepwork towards our vacation this summer today. He’s organised for our ferry tickets, and was looking for a hotel for us to stay in the night before the morning after (aka, hella early ferry ride). The one we stayed in the year before was full, but he found rooms available in one right next to the ferry docks, that even has *angelic chorus* air conditioning. So I don’t know if he’s booked that yet, but it’s nice to know that things are progressing on that front.

Otherwise, things are a bit rush-rush right now. The girls have a thing this evening at school, and Z has to tag along because of Littler. I’ve already got the oven on because they will need to leave early, though I admit that I’m a bit light on remembering the actual timetable since I’m not the one having to leave the house. I’ve thought about it, but I’d rather stay in and keep trying to recover. It took forever to get to sleep last night, and that has bad knock-on affects. Otherwise I think I would be feeling almost back to the cesspit that is normal… tomorrow maybe? *shrugs*

Right, gonna try to think knitting thoughts, and keep staring out the window to see if any snow happens.


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