So Over It

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It’s that continued and trite ‘I’m so sick of being sick’, but man, so true. My body continues to find new permutations to work through, and I’m beyond bored of it. It’s all going in the right direction very slowly… very slowly.

But eh, it’s the weekend, so it’s not like I have to do much. I’m currently playing Final Fantasy III still, and poking at my knitting. I need to stop and cake up the next bit of wool, since I’m almost to the row count. I’ve had to keep reminding myself of that because I’m only using up about half of the current cake, seeing how I’m only working the back half of the jumper at the moment.

*makes yarn cake happen*

I guess that’s about it. There were some other things somewhere in my head, but they keep escaping and I’m not going to sit here waiting for them to come back.


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