Agua de Vida

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One of the things that I did for myself years ago which I am grateful for was train myself to like drinking water. On days like today when it feels like it’s going straight through me, it’s more than a little useful. I feel better for drinking it, but I’m not confident it’s going to be enough to make me feel human enough for going out tonight… fingers crossed, eh?

((Really though, I’m sick of this being sick thing ><))

At least I had a good day work-wise. We only have one property that year ends 31st January, and it’s a straightforward one. So I was able to do the statements and the spreadsheet, and to get it restarted in our accounting program. I’m still behind on getting normal accounting entries caught up, but yanno, that’ll happen. At least getting the one year end sorted means that my work in that regard isn’t held up.

I guess that’s about it for now. I should start getting my bag packed for tonight so I don’t forget… and drink more water.


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