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After a bit of drama today, my desktop is back to where it should be. Z went into the repair shop to buy the discounted Windows 10 code on offer… which didn’t work. He found me the live chat support for Windows, and amazingly? It was completely awesome and even more helpful than I imaged it would be. The tech confirmed that the new code was a Windows 8 Pro code… which… not of help exactly? But he managed to extract my base Windows 7 code, and after I shared a copy of the invoice for the new motherboard, he generated a fresh Windows 10 code for me. Z was even able to get our money back from the repair shop since we didn’t use the code (and as they offered it on that steep discount, it’s in their best interest to have it to sell for full price anyways).

Of course, the starting point gaming-wise that made me want to upgrade my graphics card? Dragon Age Inquisition, which went from running poorly to not running at all on my desktop. I had to change my antivirus because AVG//Avast apparently has an issue with the game (?!?!?!?!), so I figured I’d give Bitdefender a try. All I know is that the game runs now, and it’s so effin’ gorgeous that I am slain. I’m still on my Diablo III kick though, but yanno… just had to make sure the reason for the change was validated.

And all of this? This was built on top of a good day of work. I admittedly had some nervous energy to channel while I was letting the Windows tech do their remote access thing, and it worked out. I ended up shutting down a bit early when I hit an error that needed fixing, but I didn’t feel bad about that. After all, it -is- Friday.

It’s also the Friday after a cracking night of knitting. E and I tend to prefer the Thursday group these days, and nights like last night exemplify why. It was a great atmosphere with lots of craft-based and not craft-based chatting, with all sorts of different projects being shared and discussed. We had someone starting on their first sock, for example, which is always exciting.

Right, that’s about it for now.


3 thoughts on “Sorted

  1. Jane Williams

    Suggestion: when it comes to anti-virus, Windows Defender, as in the thing built into Windows, is considerably better than anything else on the market. This from a friend of mine who used to be a senior coder at Microsoft, and now works for Facebook. He knows his stuff, and is no longer being paid to sing MS’ praises.

      1. Marie Pendle

        Yes, I’ve been using Windows Defender for some time now and have had no problems at all. Of course, Rick has an extra layer of defence on our servers, but having something that doesn’t interfere or appreciably slow down operations is bliss.


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