She’s a Star

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Today, we went to see the littlest in her first school Nativity. She was one of the kings/wise men, which amounted to standing there looking cute, and occasionally remembering to half-assedly join in with the songs. It wasn’t Shakespeare, but it definitely was cute. I commented to Z on the way home that I sort of wish we’d tried to ask for extra tickets for his parents, but apparently I’d missed the message that there weren’t any left. I presumed there might have been since there was a few empty seats, but whatever. They’ll get to see other things.

My body tricked me into thinking I felt like a human earlier, which was super rude. I’d managed a nice hot soak, washed my hair, and even found my legs… I’d not seen them for a bit. But yeah, was feeling great for a few minutes, then lulz nope. And bonus, sub-migraine headache. Woo. I just chucked some pain meds at it, so hopefully it takes the edge off. It’s knitting tonight, and obviously, I’d prefer to be there than stuck at home!

And on that note, I should wrap this up and get things crammed into my bag. Z is about to bring dinner through, so.


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