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There are lots of resurfacing works being done in the village right now, necessitating road closures. This was one of the signs I passed on the school run; the guy in the car behind said sign gave me a very unimpressed look. Sorry mate, there was something new and shiny to catch my eye, and I have a thing for signs. Eat it, bucko. 😀

It’s the weekend though. That’s the main thing. After a week of trying to work my arse off and then some, I’m ready for the reprieve. And while I managed a decent amount of work today, I think I managed to ease myself into relaxation mode with a pleasant night out last night. We tried again to move to the comfy chairs and had better success this time around, so that was nice. I also managed to get a fussy few rows done without making any real mistakes while I was out, which meant that I could move into zen knitting mode. I like zen knitting mode. 🙂

And I guess I’ll be getting back to that shortly — once I cram a few more chips into my face. Z’s dad brought us fish and chips for dinner, so all about the happy belly phenomenon that brings!


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