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The last couple of school runs, Littler has decided that we were going an alternate route home. I don’t really mind, because yanno, change of scenery. This little flower has been chilling there for at least a couple of weeks now. I suspect it will be gone sooner rather than later as the weather continues to descend into winter. Honestly, I’m surprised it’s managed to hang out there without being picked, because it’s just this one lone flower amongst the leaves and ivy. Maybe everyone else walking past it hasn’t noticed it, or feels like it would be a crime to disturb it. πŸ™‚

I have probably been pushing myself too hard today, but yanno, we’ll see when that bill comes due. I needed to wash our bed linens, so I did that and a load of normal laundry. Then there was the remaking of the bed, which left me hilariously wheezy. This was on top of the normal half-day childcare and me *trying* to get vaguely caught up on work and still feeling like it’s never going to happen.

For some reason, a guy I knew when I was in the Air Force popped into my head. Well, him in a series of similar guys, guys who think that asking a person of the opposite gender to do a thing means it’s a date, or that they’re dating. This guy in particular apparently decided dinner at his and karaoke a few times meant I was his girlfriend? It was news to me to find THAT out, and not from him (of course). I’ve never been one of those women or girls who thinks that all guys are automatically interested in them, so took such invites as a friends hanging out thing. This was ‘compounded’ by the fact that I DID have guy friends that were adult enough to know that we were out for a night on the town — not a night in their bed.

((And no, seriously no idea why this popped into my head, but there you go))

Right, gonna go zone out, doot doot.


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