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I’ve got to say that I am enjoying the cat ear aesthetic just as much as I thought I would. These ears are pretty rubbish, but that’s fine. £2 was a good introduction point to see whether or not I could sanely handle having an Alice band (headband) with my current pair of glasses. The answer seems to be yes, so I’m going to have to find me some slightly snazzier ones.

I was amused today when working, because of a rather silly thing. D in the office puts assorted invoices into our work program for me to process. Usually, I stay ahead of him, and he comments to Z about it. Today, I ran out of time before I ran out of invoices… and I spent all day Friday doing invoices. I told Z to let him know that he’s won this round. Hopefully it will give him a chuckle. And really, I’m not fussed because it means that I have less things to hunt and peck after once I (*finally*) get stuck back into ‘normal’ working.

I was also humbled today by the generosity shown to me by bat. I’d told them how much I wanted the newest two Knitpro needle sets, and they bought them for me (and a set of one of them for themselves, ’cause gay knitting). I had to resort to going to to make it happen, but between us we did. They are expected to arrive over the weekend, so bat’s set will be waiting here for them when they are done with their side quests. And me, I will have to decide what project is going to christen them. I’m thinking the sweater I have printed up to make for Z on one, and another blanket on t’other…

Whups, forgot to hit post on this last night. *makes it so*


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