This is My Tired Face

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Though if I’m honest, tired is understating the mark. I hurt, and I am exhausted. Still, I’m trying really hard to step up and let Z rest up and heal as much as possible, and that includes tackling some hard jobs like trying to, le gasp, keep on top of the laundry (which is something we’re never on top of, ha ha). I’d claim a new-found appreciation for all that Z does every day — except it was already there. I wish I could step up like this more often and give him more rest, but I think we both know I don’t have too many more days of me being able to keep this up.

At least today found a way to amuse/bemuse me with a dose of The Mondays. It rained for pretty much the exact duration of the return leg of the school run, during which I was in super-pain… so of course, Littler had to stop for a full minute to watch a kid on a bike. When I’m in pain, I do best if I can keep moving. Having to stop and coax her along was brutal. I apologised after I took a moment and got her some lunch for being snappish, not that she probably really noticed or cared. But I think it’s important to validate a child’s feelings and experience even if they don’t necessarily express that they’ve been stomped on. It is also, in part, about teaching how to process emotions and that even being upset isn’t bad by default; most of it depends on how you handle it, which could be said of most things in life.

In the wider world, I’m amused by the rumour of Emperor Tang planning on making a sneak visit to the United Kingdom. I don’t think he appreciates the British knack for mockery, or just how many people are waiting for him to show up so they can take part in said mockery. I would if I was in more robust health, but I’ll have to give it a miss for now. What I REALLY look forward to is seeing what the Scottish folk do when he goes to his golf course up there. I expect it to be mockery+++, for an annoyed Scot is a thing of terror and beauty.

Right, I’m going to go… something… something.


2 thoughts on “This is My Tired Face

  1. pyctsi

    I’m doing my bit for international diplomacy by recommending kilts for those who which to give a specific message and make a quick exit. I’m also suggesting wearing a thong rather than going traditional to avoid wardrobe issues in case children are present.


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