Drip Drip Drop

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Seeing how we’re creeping up on summertime here, the UK remembers its place in the world, and the rain is chucking it down. I would have not minded, except for the school run. So I took pain meds. I put Deep Heat on my stiff knees. I shook out my raincoat and got my head into the right space to make the less-than-fun trek… when the phone rang. It was my in-laws, offering me a lift to get Littler from school. It suffices to say, I leapt on that. It benefited them because now they have confirmation of where to get her on Friday, and it benefited myself and Littler because oh hey, lots of water. I was prepared to tough it out, but I knew that Littler disliked it more than I did. So I thanked them well for their kindness for her sake and mine, and even remembered to adult and invite them in for a hot beverage, an invite that was accepted. Mum supervised the crap out of making the pair of coffees, but that was fine by me. I’m actually slightly terrified-by-default of getting peoples’ drinks wrong, so being told how to get it proper works.

Tonight is for knitting, but before that I am going to play a few minutes of Minecraft with Smallhausen. She asked me over the weekend and I gave her a flat no. I dislike denying my children when they have reasonable requests, and that was one… were my chronic fatigue not kicking my ass. I can’t say that I really want to play right now, but I want to demonstrate my love by spending time doing something with her that she likes and that I like. So. 🙂


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