A Cavalcade of Colour

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I have been most grateful today that I have not had to go anywhere or do much of anything. I got Littler to take a nap, I got some work done that the office needed doing, and basically managed to not catch on fire, ha ha. I feel mainly human-shaped for going out tonight, so yay for that as well.

And yeah, I’ll be out instead of enjoying Eurovision. I guess I love my friends or something, ha ha. Our wonderful ‘token’ Aussie is back from the Land of Oz, so it will be excellent to catch up with her. I can also hope she comes bearing Tim Tims, but it’ll just be good enough to see here whatever the biscuit-related case.

Socks, as you can see, are going nicely. The colours blend so beautifully, and I’m excited to have the sneak peek to know what’s coming — but not quite as laid out as if I had managed to wrangle it into a cake.Right, I should wrap this up, since soon I’m out the door.<3

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