Fencing For Fun and Profit

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Today’s picture was one of a series of warning signs on a fence at the interchange park. I guess that’s sort of like a strip mall? That doesn’t feel like the quite right analogous term, but anyways. I saw it as I always do when we’re slowly cruising looking for a parking spot, and it was the most vaguely interesting non-kid photo. So yanno, don’t climb the fence and frolic in the deep water, folks.

But yes, we joined the many and used our Easter Monday to pay tribute to the capitalist gods, mainly in the form of getting a few new items of clothing for everyone. Smallhausen was the starting point, as she had complained to her grandmother that she was out of trousers that fit. Bish bosh, she has a few. And Littlerbit has a couple as well for school. Z grabbed a few pairs of a kind he liked and already had, and I did the same. I also grabbed a few new tank tops to encourage me to rotate out the too small few that are still in my drawer, and some bras ’cause yanno, can’t ever have enough bras. The second you think you’ve got enough, all the underwires start popping out to mock you. *cough*

I have to say, I’m well pleased that I made it around in better shape than the kiddos. They were both flagging hard, but I guess I had put enough thinking about it in before doing it to enable me to get-r-done. I’m completely wiped out now and will probably sleep like the dead tonight… and probably feel even worse tomorrow for it. Ah well, I think it was worth it for a nice little wander about outing with the family.

Smalls is back to school tomorrow, and Littler starts the day after. I still haven’t wrapped my head around the fact we’ve got two schoolchildren, albeit one part-time in nursery. I know that my ZOMG BABIES ARE CUTE LET ME LOOK AT ALL YOUR BABIES is sort of through the roof lately, but like… no, no more babies. Friends need to have babies for me to play with. *nodnods*

I guess that’s about it. I’m sort of surprised that I managed to squeeze this many words out, ha ha.


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