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Today is ‘Mother’s Day’ in the United Kingdom. It’s actually Mothering Sunday, but borrowing the term from the thoroughly Hallmark’d holiday happened and stuck. This picture of Littlerbit’s random and adorable ringlets was taken over at Z’s parent’s house, where we were having lunch. We discussed how people spent stupid money for the day, and for what? Flowers that lasted a week? Fie.

Having said that, I got a gift and didn’t expect it in the form of a new coffee mug. Z and I both freaking love coffee mugs, and do our best to attempt to make space to cram new mugs into. We really need to think of a way to make even more storage for it; my brain just started thing of cubbyholes. Hrm…

It’s been a good day though, really chill. I love my in-laws, and I’m almost never over there now that we live closer. I curled up in ‘my’ chair with my laptop and knitting, and pretty much didn’t move. But you know how it is — you go do the same nothing somewhere else, and it’s extra refreshing.

Today’s knitting was pulling my hat all the way back, and starting it over. I got to the last section of ribbing, and had a grand total of 8 grams of wool left. That wasn’t going to be enough, so I’m doing it again on smaller needles to see if I can eke out the difference of what I need. Plus also, hats. Snugness is a nice thing, yes yes. And the generous ribbing means that it can stretch beautifully.

Back to that then. Hope you liked the random ringlets!


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