It’s Definitely Love

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My new tiny circulars arrived today, so I got started on the first sock tonight at knitting. I’ve got a long way yet to go, but I’m already in love with what I’m seeing, hee hee. As much as I love wools that are in various colours, I’m also wary of the patterning coming out not-cute. I’m not completely sure what this one is doing yet, but I love how each gauge square was different, and this is different yet again. I think that it’s going to be a fun knit, to say the least.

In the sliiighty less fun department, I started inventorying my wool. I’d not done it properly in ever, so I figured I should do that before I let myself buy anything else. I sort of let myself get out of control this past year in that regard, and I want to get myself back in the right direction. That means finding patterns that I like, and matching it to what I actually have. Hopefully I can find something between those two points that makes for happy garmenting or whatever.

For now, it is way late, so I am going to go climb into bed.


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