Solidarity Knitting

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My biggest task today was to continue knitting on the pussy hat. While I’m almost done with the knitting (another 18 rows to go), I don’t expect to finish it tonight. I might finish the knitting, but then there’s still the sewing. It’s two hours until bedtime though, so who knows. I’d love to be able to finish it enough to slap it on my head today and show it off. Having said that, I could fish my existing cat hat out and wear that, but it’s like, the ‘wrong’ one to me or something silly. But anyways, it’s nice to take part in my own tiny way.

Past that, it’s been more Don’t Starve with varying degrees of success. I’ve got it set to eternal summer with a slight food boost of one type while I try to get my head around the basics. I get to a point where I think I’m doing pretty good, and then I cockily get murdered by a spider or a bee or something. I don’t think I’ve died by starvation since my very first run, ha ha.

Anyways, dord.


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