Testing a Theory

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With it being the school holidays, Z is once again trying his luck in getting Littlerbit to sleep in her own bed. He’s been herding them up to bed early and reading them several stories as a cooldown period. I have, for the most part, sat side-saddle for it because I wanted to show solidarity. Today… feh. Today I feel like crap. I’ve had headaches all week, and I’m trying to take at least *a* day without throwing pills at it. I’m regretting that decision, but anyways. Kids and sleep. I popped in for the second story and ducked out as soon as it was done because I want to see if me leaving that bit earlier will make it more likely that he gets Littler to settle and stay settled. We’ll see if/when he comes down (if I’m still upright to greet him).

As you might have spotted from the picture, sock #1 is fully complete, and sock #2 is in progress. I’ve managed to knock out 14 rows so far, which is pretty good considering how like, not knitty I’ve been feeling. I guess it also helps that I got bored of Tropico 5 for the moment and dived back into Civilization 6. I sort of chuckle ruefully at myself; I buy new games all the time, and then never quite get around to playing them. It’s in part because it takes some effort to ease into a new game, and I’m not feeling like that right now. I want the comfort of ‘old’ favourites and mindlessness, so.

I think… I think I’m going to go see if I can find where I put my Tension Tamer tea and have a mug of that. I don’t want to glug down caffeine, which is the main thing that seems to help. And… *shudders, sighs, and reaches for the pot* Vaporub seems to help unfunk as well. Considering that this feels like Head Cold v3.0, it’s probably a prudent step to include.

Otherwise, it’s just sucking it up and trying to sloooowly do things in Pokémon Moon. I normally love Wonder Trading, but I guess that until the National Pokédex is put in place I’m going to be kind of bored with it. Like, I’m trying my hand with breeding — that’s how bored I am. It is, in part, dithering on filling in my Pokédex completely. I’ve actually considered offloading everything in either my X or Y cartridge into Pokémon Bank and starting fresh just to do *something*. I’ll… figure something out. For now though, ain’t no party like a Ditto party?


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